$10k Logo Backer Explained

It will definitely be a value to advertise on the Tesla project car!  I will be an Uber Driver for a minimum of 5 years.  I also will be at ArtPrize 2015 with typical attendance of 250,000+ as well as repeat visits totaling 400,000 visits. Continue reading


Elon Musk illegally sells TWO Tesla vehicles in Michigan


Tesla banned in Michigan after Snyder signs bill

Snyder signs the bill prohibiting Car Manufacturers to sell cars in Michigan.  After a recent statement from Mr. Musk about Bitcoin that went like this ” Elon Musk: My opinion on Bitcoin is, I mean I think Bitcoin is probably a good thing. But it’s essentially, its main thing will be [inaudible] I think it’s primarily gonna be a means of doing illegal transactions [laughs]. Continue reading

Tesla P85D (Dual Motor) and Auto Pilot Features were unveiled


The “D” stands for “Dual Motor” 691 HP Combined


Tesla Motors “unveiled the D” last night and this beast is awesome.  For sale immediately with deliveries starting in December, you can get yourself an AWD Tesla Model S with 691 HP (470HP rear 221HP front).  This gives the car a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds!  There are setting which will enable you to choose either NORMAL, SPORT, or INSANE and Continue reading


My Love Affair with Tesla…Brace yourself for the D


Tesla “About time to unveil the D and something else” Brace yourselves!

Confusion. Guilt. This flood of emotions I just can’t seem to understand.  I thought I was ready to settle down, ready to wake up to the same one every day. The one that was the safe bet, the stable family choice that would be there for you and the family everyday.  When I was younger, the Roadster type would have made sense. Loves to travel, room for two, basically a party, and flashy.   Continue reading

Elon Musk Wants To Put A Million People On Mars. Here’s Why


Mars – Red planet

Musk mentioned in a video interview that today it would cost a trillion dollars to go to Mars.  In today’s article we need 100,000 trips to get a million people with necessary supplies there.  So if we started flying there today,  it would cost 1 trillion x 100,000. What number is that? I do have to say he mentioned we need to get the cost down to half a million,  so $500,000 x 100,000 trips seems a little more realistic.


Here’s the video