My Love Affair with Tesla…Brace yourself for the D


Tesla “About time to unveil the D and something else” Brace yourselves!

Confusion. Guilt. This flood of emotions I just can’t seem to understand.  I thought I was ready to settle down, ready to wake up to the same one every day. The one that was the safe bet, the stable family choice that would be there for you and the family everyday.  When I was younger, the Roadster type would have made sense. Loves to travel, room for two, basically a party, and flashy.  When She came along, we will call her “S”, well being 35 years old I knew I should settle down, start my family.  I finally felt that I knew where my life was going,as proven HERE!

Then from up above the Tesla gods tested me.  Dropping two Temptations after The S, the  3 n X.  I have to say I was tempted. But they were just hanging out there in front of me, not ready to be swept away,  I was certain the S is where my love was.

But something strange happened.  More Temptation from the almighty Tesla up above.  A new announcement….something BIG!  Now there’s going to be another choice, the announcement has been made saying, “About Time to Unveil the D and something else”.  Being male, and thinking I was going in the right direction, confusion set in.  Do I go the OTHER WAY?  Do I jump on the D or just be satisfied with the S?  What would my family think?  I want to lock myself in the closet, and never come out?  But someday, I know I have to come out of the closet.

Even Picking the size for this Picture “The D” was HARD. Small? Medium? Large? Does size even matter?

With all these choices, life is HARD!  The new choice with the D is HARD!  But its a bit easier knowing that S is there, she can be right here beside me NOW.  Something that will definitely be the deciding factor for me, and is probably the question everybody has on their minds is, “Elon, next week you are unveiling the D, but when can we get the D?”

Either way, ladies AND gentleman, you better make sure your prepared for the D.  In my next blog, I will be discussing safety measures, a Tesla toolkit per say, to make sure we have the proper protection when the D comes out!

All this planning …. I hope I made the right choice!!!

If this story made you laugh, please consider donating to the cause.  Every little bit helps, and I hope some of you give a buck.

PS I’m hoping the D leaks out before next week 🙂



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