Project Green Dragons is the first Indiegogo Project to feature a Tesla Model S vehicle which will feature custom artwork on the hood.  It is aimed at bringing awareness to the current climate issues we face as well as allowing the project creator and backers to have a direct impact on the climate. Informing and educating people on how they can make a difference is integral in making sure we start making the necessary changes that our world needs! 

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    climate             Tesla-Model-S-e1376330991158     n_plot_hires

Project Green Dragons is also looking to beat billionaire Elon Musk to Mars by bringing people to Mars next year 😉  Through Virtual reality technology that will be present at the Project Green Dragons ArtPrize 2015 exhibit, people will be able to take a virtual ride in the Dragon Space Capsule, landing on Mars and exploring it’s surface. ” Today articles about NASA, ISS, and Mars aren’t as exciting as before.  The younger generation needs to have a renewed passion about space, science, and technology. “

2014-PosterGearVRWt-610Dragon V2 On Stage   a-Mission-to-Mars-Pic-06

How far can Project Green Dragons Stretch :

1671665-poster-tesla-model-x  solar  20140601_195345HAR-logo-patch

Project Green Dragons will be a part of ArtPrize 2015, featuring Tesla Model S and possible Tesla Model X as well.  We hope to have Space X Dragon Capsule in Grand Rapids MI as well.  Leading up to ArtPrize 2015, the Project Green Dragons Tesla vehicle will be put into action and be utilized to make a positive impact on the environment, becoming an Grand Rapids Uber car that will bring riders to their destination with ZERO emissions.  The stats on the mileage and co2 impact among other data will be shared via this blog.



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